Parenting Matters logoMission: to strengthen all families and prevent child abuse in at-risk families through comprehensive parenting education and support.

Vision: Ensure all families in our community have access to the skills and support needed to effectively parent their children.

Let’s face it – parenting is difficult. Many would argue it is the most challenging, yet most important job in the world. But you do not have to do it alone. Parenting Matters exists to help each parent understand their children’s development and behaviors. We also teach parents new, effective parenting skills to help keep their children safe and help them reach their full potential.

Our parenting education programs help you discover fun ways to foster your child’s learning and strengthen your parent/child bond. These programs include in-home parenting services, community-based groups, classes, and workshops.  All of our programs are offered at little or no cost in both the daytime and evenings, often with free childcare.”

Serving: Every person parenting a child can benefit from parenting education and support. The strongest parents are those that seek as much information and support as possible to safely and effectively raise children in this ever-changing world.

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